The Oscars Project

Something a little different today. I wanted to let you know about a new blog I’ve started, The Oscars Project, where I’m watching and reviewing all the best picture winners. For a while now I’ve decided I haven’t seen enough older films from the last 100 years, and so to give my plan to see more a direction, I decided to watch ever winner of the best picture oscar since 1928 when they began.

So far I’ve seen 4 films, but I’ll be adding a new one every few days as I work my way through them. Once I’m done I plan to move on to watch all the Palme d’Or winners, Golden Lion winners and possibly even the AFI top 250 films of all time. Anyway the blog is up and running at so check it out if you fancy some recommendations of classics.

  • Kevin

    Nice project 😀
    But I guess It would be quite boring for you to watch a lot of black and white movies !
    But I appreciate your efforts. Good luck for future !