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Barcamp summer!

Back in May I volunteered to help organise BarCamp Brighton 3, subsequently I spent much of the summer looking for sponsors for this fine local event. Along with various local people I managed to get contacts in a range of companies who came on board and helped to sponsor, including Yahoo!, BBC, The Guardian, BT and Vodafone.

It was a fascinating process, and I learnt a lot about raising money for events, the internal structure of large organisations and networking. I met a huge number of people, local and from further afield, as my search for sponsors took me to a huge number of networking events here, and in London.

The event was a huge success, and among the attendees were a number of people who I’ve seen speak at larger events, including dConstruct 08 the day before. Highlights included a massively over subscribed talk from Rebecca Cottrell on typography, Tantek‘s buildering 101 and the evenings conversations. One chap had come all the way from Romania for the dConstruct BarCamp double bill, and like myself he runs a local arts site (his - OrasulSuceava seems a little more established than mine!).

Now the event is over, its time for me to devote more attention to the areas I’ve let slip on whilst BarCamp took over. Expect more blog posts here, and I’ll continue to expand Brighton Culture into a multimedia local hub - lots of ideas after watching Steven Johnson discuss The Urban Web at dConstruct!

I’ll also be attending lots of other events now ours is out the way: catch me at London BarCamp 5, FOWA London, SXSW 09, or plenty of local events such as The Farm and the recently launched Tuttle Club.

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