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New job and a new site

I’ve just relaunched my blog with a simple clean design, and some very basic features. Over the next few months I hope to add more bits and bobs, to enable this to be a portal connecting all the services I use. Perhaps Flickr integration, delicious links, and some other stuff. For now it doesn’t matter - all I want is a place to put some tutorials, and a few notes. The site isn’t finished, but it is usable - release early, release often is my moto.

One of the reasons for the new blog is my new job at Ribot, where I will be their first full time developer. They specialise in mobile, and its a new field for me, so I expect to be very busy over the coming weeks, hence getting some stuff out of the way such as this blog relaunch. Looking forward to lots of hard work and fun with the Ribot guys!

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