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Tools used to create a complex JavaScript app – notes for an Async mini talk

I’ve spent the last 6 months leading the team who worked with Tesco on the development of the Tesco Food app in the Chrome Web Store. If there is time I hope to give a quick 5 min talk at Brighton’s Async group for the International Show and Tell this week, these are the notes for that talk.

Tesco Food App, Chrome Web Store

  • Large shopping app
  • All local


  • Models, collections, structure, underscore wrapped
  • Combined with an MVC approach
  • Didn’t take advantage of most, could be done differently

jQuery templates for templating

  • HTML, so easy to follow
  • Limited documentation and hard to debug
  • No longer supported
  • Used AJAX to load multiple templates in after launching the app, would not recommend - can be slow and needlessly complex

Selenium for automated browser testing

  • reduce the amount of mundane user testing
  • steep learning curve
  • code needs to be as structured as main (almost)
  • don’t change versions during a project

jQuery Mockjax for mocking data

  • jQuery plugin, intercepting jQuery AJAX calls
  • flexible - allows for most scenarios with a little work
  • minimal contact with app - load it once and it takes over

Build script with Rake

Wish I’d used Google closure compiler

  • Uses docs to check type, static etc
  • Removes code you don’t use
  • Can make mistakes/cause issues under documented circumstances

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