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How to create a voice skill

Learn how to create a voice skill for your company or brand with this introductory post. Consider this a voice 101.

What voice platforms should I be targeting?

There are 4 main voice platforms today:

  • Amazon Alexa, out in the UK and US, and by far the leading voice only device on the market. This is where you should begin when creating a voice skill.
  • Google Assistant, out in the US, playing catchup with Amazon, easy to get up and running and a good next place to develop your voice skill.
  • Microsoft Cortana, available in Windows 10 devices, opening for developers soon.
  • Apple Siri, living inside iPhone and iPad, but with limited use cases.

What are the key voice devices on the market?

Where should I begin to learn how to create a voice skill?

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant



How can I learn how to create a high quality voice skill?

What about bots?

Bots allow you to build ‘skills’ that allow users to use text commands to communicate with your services or brand.

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