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How to authenticate APIs – HTTP Basic vs HTTP Digest

A comparison of the pros and cons of the three main secure ways of authenticating an API, in plain business terms. We cover: HTTP Basic Access Authentication over SSL HTTP Digest The answer, as usual, is it depends, but if you can force the server to use SSL, or are creating a private API, then…

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Introducing FlexSlider2 manual direction controls extension

Update – Nov 2012 – Thankfully due to a recent update this plugin is no longer needed.  FlexSlider2 is a jQuery plugin that allows you to easily insert rotating banners, image galleries and app examples. They also automatically become responsive. The problem with FlexSlider2 Out of the box however it doesn’t allow you to use…

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How to install static frameworks on Xcode 4

I had some issues installing OCMock on Xcode 4, and found the method to be documented differently in a number of places. Fortunately I’ve worked out how to do it and it can be applied to any static framework, so I’m sharing it here, using OCMock as an example. Download the framework and locate the…

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