SEO friendly and HTML valid subheadings – a WordPress plugin

I recently created an SEO friendly WordPress theme for Ribot which meets the following 2 key SEO requirements:

This causes an issue with subheadings when composing your posts. In the category pages the articles titles will be the H2, but in the individual posts the articles titles will be the H1. Do you set your subheadings to start at H2 and please the single pages, or H3 and please the category pages?

I created the SEO friendly and HTML valid subheadings plugin to resolve the issue by replacing subheading tags with the following on pages where the plugin tag is added:

– H2 into H3
– H3 into H4
– H4 into H5
– H5 into H6
– H6 into P.headingSix

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  • I had never heard about this plugin. This is really very useful for the SEO purpose.

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  • Nice widget,i will try to install it on my blog.Thanks for your advice.

  • i already activated the plugin, nothing change in my blog. what should i do?

  • Scott

    I couldn’t get this plug in to work.

  • assuming i have an image as a blog title (alas, the h1 tag has no content), will this screw anything up ?


  • this plugin doesnt work in my site. I find page which outputs multiple posts, such as the home page, category pages, archive pages and tag pages, to add , but I cant find it. In my template file is
    * 404 Template (404.php)
    * Comments (comments.php)
    * Footer (footer.php)
    * Header (header.php)
    * Main Index Template (index.php)
    * Page Template (page.php)
    * Search Form (searchform.php)
    * Sidebar (sidebar.php)
    * Single Post (single.php)
    * Theme Functions (functions.php)
    * legacy.comments.php (legacy.comments.php)


    * Stylesheet (style.css)
    * ie.css (ie.css)
    * ie6.css (ie6.css)

  • How do I know if my theme is compatible with or need this plug-in?.

  • I got this working fine on my home page and my archive pages (which includes categories and tags).

    Are there other pages I should use it on?

  • Any page you want to get the h1 right for SEO purposes would be a a good one to consider.

  • ninja web service

    so just install this plugin h1 will change?ill try…great work Mr. Mark

  • Harshil Barot