The best resources for Windows Phone 7 Development

Here is a collection of great resources to get you started developing for Windows Phone 7, and to continue doing so. I’ll be keeping this post up-to-date over the coming months.

Windows Phone 7

Official documentation

Getting started learning Windows Phone 7

Here is a video introduction to the platform, covering a simple hello world app to get you started:

Then check out:

Learning C#:

Using Visual Studio efficiently:

Learning Windows Phone 7:

Tips for designers:

How to figure out what class libraries are available on Windows Phone 7, doing so is sadly nightmarish and highly confusing:

  1. Look at the full list of Silverlight classes
  2. Remove those listed as unsupported
  3. Show your bosses this list, which provides a summary in english of what is/isn’t supported
  4. Here are some classes which are supported (but not all classes)
  5. Supported Silverlight features which behave differently in Windows Phone 7
  6. Windows Phone 7 specific classes
  7. All Silverlight classes, some of which won’t be available (see above)

Video sessions introducing topics and providing tutorials (in order of release, newest first so most relevant):


Keep on top of things and find solutions to problems

Use these forums to ask questions and keep an eye on solutions you could use:

Subscribe to these blogs:

Get listening to these podcasts:

Check these twitter accounts for the most up-to-date info, news, latest blog posts, development tips…

Code libraries and toolkits

Posts on general concepts I’ve found useful

Achieving specific tasks

Performance tips

Even more links

Windows Phone 7 resources – Indyfromoz has been even busier than me, there’s a huge number of links on his page and I’ve not had time to go through them all but they look well chosen. This could be the most comprehensive list out there!

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    Hi , sdk and tools for windows phone 7 is not for windows xp sp3 ?

  • No it isn’t sadly

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    i want to know the current location of my phone and store that location in a variable how it could be happened??

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    Complete boost from my windows mobile programming…

    I have one doubt… Recently Microsoft has said that they are going stop Silver light.
    So what will be best option to learn Windows mobile programming.

    1. C#
    2. HTML5