2 – Learning the Ruby Basics, the right way | From PHP hobbyist to pro Ruby developer course

This forms part of my “From PHP hobbyist to pro Ruby developer” course which I’m trialling at the moment with Remi.

The purpose of this unit is to learn Ruby, and a little about professional code construction.

The two books you will need are:

Read the books

Don’t worry about code at this point, begin by reading the books and working through the examples. Ensure at a minimum you read the following chapters:

Don’t be tempted to work through your own code at this point, just follow along with the examples. Don’t worry about committing everything to memory, or even understanding it all. This won’t be the last time you read these books, but will give you an overview and remind you where to look when you encounter problems these books can help with in the future.

Devise your sample code project

After reading the books, come up with a simple project that will test the code you’ve learnt, under the following constraints.

Discuss the project with me at this point if you wish.

Implement the project, using the best practices you’ve learnt

Notify me when you are done, and I’ll review your code in git and set up a code review ready for you to move on to the next step.

  • mindshaft

    Hi Mike,

    Is this the end of the training course?

  • markirby

    I’ll be adding more over the coming weeks, little behind!

  • Jefri

    Heh. find :all is a Railsism. Technically it’s still Ruby but it’s not part of the official pkcaage.Me? I got hooked when I discovered the grace and power of Enumerable. Enumerable#collect has been a lifesaver. No more creating empty arrays/hashes then iterating over another array/hash and sending the results to the empty one!