Mark Kirby - mobile, cloud and IoT

About Mark Kirby

I’m based in Brighton, spending my days as Technical Lead at Matchbox Mobile, an awesome company specialising in mobile and embedded systems.

Senior developer with 12 years experience, 6 years spent with a focus on mobile. Among other languages my focus has been on HTML5/JS single page web apps in a mobile environment, native iOS, C# and Bluetooth LE.

I provide training and have written and delivered courses on advanced JavaScript, Restful API’s and C# .NET.

I’ve spoken at various events including giving the keynote at the US Federal Reserve Bank’s annual web conference 2012, and have spoken on subjects such as Cordova at smaller local events such as Async Brighton. Contact me if you would like me to speak at your event.

Specialties: Strong knowledge of the mobile and embedded development field, able to advise on native/web mobile apps, mobile sites and working with Bluetooth LE.

Senior developer: Currently working with Bluetooth, single page JS apps, iOS native, C# Xamarin, SQL + LINQ