About Mark Kirby

I’m a mobile/web developer based in Brighton, heading up mobile and a director at Hatch, the company I own with Emma, James and Adnan. If you want to work with us/me, just get in touch using the form below.

Over the past year I’ve been spending some time building native iOS apps, well structured modular CSS based websites, and performing API trickery. We also worked on local site Brighton Culture, with focus on using API’s and online data to create intelligent listings of cinema in Brighton and gigs in Brighton.

Before starting my own company I spent 3 years as Lead Developer with award-winning mobile design agency ribot, creating award-winning mobile and touch screen apps for companies including Tesco, Microsoft, Nokia and Orange.

Prior to that I spent time studying software development at university, getting on the first rung of the corporate ladder at Lilly, and then climbing back off to run the technical side of the informational charity website AVERT, where I learned the fine art of SEO, sys admin and how to make real software for customers sitting in the same office…

My real passion is for creating clean, simple and well crafted code, regardless of the language. In the past 10 years I’ve worked with over 10 different languages, picking them up fast but taking the time to find the most efficient ways of using them.

I’m a regular contributor to .net magazine (Practical Web Design outside of the UK), and have written articles on PhoneGap, Responsive Web Design and Adobe’s attempts to beat Apple at its own game. You can find me most months in the Big Question pages.

Last year I gave the keynote, a Mobile 101, at the US Federal Reserve Bank’s annual web conference, and have spoken at smaller local events such as Async. Contact me if you would like me to speak at your event.

My main areas of experience include JavaScript, iOS native, HTML5, CSS, Selenium, PhoneGap, Python, TDD, build systems on Rake, Jenkins, Ruby/Rails and Windows Phone 7.

Contact me

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